27 January 2009

Roasted (stewed) Pork

One of my favorite recipes is my mom's Chinese roasted pork. It's actually stewed, but we always call it roasted, so that's what I'm sticking with! It's delicious, yummy, scrumptuous - I mean, wow! My friend just requested the recipe and after writing it up for her in an email I thought... wait a minute, maybe someone else will want it, too! So, here it is in my own recipe sharing style, which is pretty darn loose.

Roasted Pork
bunch or pork parts (best are fatty or with bones - also cheap!) cut into bite sized pieces
ginger (nice sized piece) - you can just give it a whack to crush and release juices
star anise (3-4 pieces)
cinnamon (1-2 sticks)
green onion (1-2 cut into thumb sized lengths) - optional
soy sauce - to about 1/3 level of meat
water - to about 1/2 level of meat

Cook low heat for at least half an hour, but can go as long as you want. Add water if the liquid goes down. If you can make and then eat later, it's good because you get yummier meat AND can scrape the fat off after it cools after first cooking. Lots of fat from slow cooking and fatty pork.

Also very good: hard boiled eggs. Best if cooked twice (as in cook with first day, then warm up again with second day and eat - yum)

Can use any kind of meat. Chicken also good. Lamb delicious.

Save the liquid (freezes well) when you're done and use it to start your next batch. It will be infused with all the flavors from the meat you cooked the first time and therefore be even yummier.

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