23 June 2009

Accidental Internet Finds

I ran across this image at Apartment Therapy while looking for information about IKEA's new SVABBA soap. The internet is a strange and fascinating place. Now to decide whether we should have spaghetti hot dogs for dinner or not....


  1. Ha, I made this for my 8-year-old today. He was so excited he called his friends to tell them about it. Thanks for the idea!

  2. That's fantastic! Love that he called his friends. So cute.

  3. so, i love your blog contributions to the world, and am excited whenever i find a new one is posted, but this picture makes me so happily grossed out, so entertained and repulsed, so thankful my kid doesn't like hot dogs, but i almost wish she did, every single time i see it, that i am delighted it's still there! i've passed it on, it's too awesome to not! by the way, i'm using the spranq eco font you turned me on to months ago for all of my printing needs, and feeling quite oh so spranqly eco about it!


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