22 June 2009

Uniform Project

Take one dress, make seven copies, add one creative and idealistic individual and what do you have? The Uniform Project, devised and carried out by Sheena Matheiken, is the record of one woman's plan to wear the same dress every day for 365 days. She takes her inspiration from school girl days in uniform. Despite the fact that they had to wear uniforms, she and her classmates managed to individualize their outfits using a bit of creativity. Sheena's also using this project as a way to raise money for the Akanksha’s School Project, which helps slum children in Mumbai and Pune, India to get an education. What she doesn't say, is that this is a fantastic exercise in the principle of "less is more" in the clothes if not the accessories department. The project has only been running since May 1, so if you start following now, you will get to see a lot of creativity and watch her transition into cooler seasons, too.

I'm looking forward to seeing the dress pattern and I'll be thinking about how this might influence my own ideas about style, clothes, and whatnot. Since moving to the Netherlands and beginning what feels like my adult life (no more funky t-shirts every day), I've had a number of clothing crises and epiphanies. Unfortunately, they don't always follow on each other in that rapid succession, either. For the moment, there is an awful lot of black in my closet. Sometimes I think it's highly unimaginative of me, but then I figure that wearing bright red shoes most days probably helps that problem. There's more thinking to be done about this.

This project is not the only on-line project or even one year project I've encountered. I mentioned some of them in an earlier post. Plus, there's myyear's project, which may come to an end unfortunately soon. I've also seen other 365 day projects, like Mithi's 365-day photo project or the sketch-a-day project that I can't find anymore (there are a lot of them out there, I just can't find the one I saw first). Blogging seems to be a way for people to log their progress and build a supportive network for their projects. Have you run into any interesting long-term blog projects?

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  1. Christmas 185 was a wonderful project for me. Thank YOU!


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