01 June 2009

Ask and the Internet Shall Deliver

Last month, I was grumbling about the internet. More specifically, I was grumbling about the fact that Hulu doesn't work outside the US, making it impossible for me to watch Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog. My complaining is over. The internet delivered in the form of (1) a helpful comment from alala and (2) YouTube. I'm watching now. Life is groovy. The internet is back in my good books.


  1. You're welcome! And ta for the bread tip, though Mr(German)Husband is already up there and complaining steadily about it. Me, I've been known to compare German bread to Birkenstocks. I'm looking forward to eating a sandwich without risking my teeth.

  2. you are the reason we finally have the cord to connect the computer to the tv, and we so enjoyed dr. doogie horrible on hulu. thanks for turning us on to it! now we can watch pumuckl on the big(ger) screen...hurrah, hurrah!!

  3. What do you do with Birckenstocks that makes them perilous to your teeth?


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