11 September 2009

Mama day

I just finished whipping up a double batch of homemade deodorant following this simple recipe. Over the past few years, I've been slowly working towards a more natural lifestyle and the deodorant was another step in the right direction. I made some for myself about a month ago and am very happy with it. Works better than my old bar and only has four ingredients: corn starch, arrowroot powder, coconut oil, and a dash of vitamin E. I still sweat, but don't stink, not even after a 45 minute bike ride. So, one jar will be a potentially grossly inappropriate gift and the other is for a friend who'd like to try. Can't wait to hear what they think of it.

Today's a mama day. I work four days a week and have one at home with Peanut. We try to keep our weekends free for family fun (this week we're going to Brimingham, UK), so that means that Fridays are busy. We do a couple loads of laundry, change sheets, get groceries, and cook a good meal (with leftovers for the freezer). There's also usually a project in there like deodorant today.

Sometimes I feel bad that we don't do kiddy fun stuff - parks, pool, outings - but there just isn't time right now. Then I try to remind myself that despite having a mama who works four days a week, Peanut eats only homemade food, usually wears pants made by mama, and even plays with toys made by mama. Going to the park sounds great, but if it had to be at the expense of homemade meals, I think we'll pass for now. He won't remember the park, but his body is thriving on the good food and he's learning to appreciate all kinds of tastes. Besides, does this look like an unhappy child?

I think that me and the happy Peanut will be OK in the backyard for now.


  1. Little Peanut looks so happy in the backyard...don't spoil it by going down Guilty Lane!
    And I'm sure he'd love to *help* when you cook. It's never too early to teach you baby how to make muffins...MFSJ is already great at making pizza: she leaves only the oven-step to mama...
    Hurray for mama-days!

  2. love the deodorant! i've tried so many natural ones that i just don't like..we'll try this for sure.

  3. Love the Peanut / Happy Camper to the nth degree! Happy comes from being nurtured in the right environment.


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