08 September 2009

Project #4

I have a confession. I'm a bag addict. I love to make bags. I don't need a bag. I just love to make them! When I came across this post, I knew I wanted to make one too. The original tutorial by Larissa was clear and easy to follow. I just kept the laptop near the table and read it as I worked. The whole thing probably took about three hours to put together.

The linen is my old favorite from IKEA. The contrasting fabric is something I found at the thrift store and was rather excited about. It's a heavy linen (I think) and there were about two yards of it. It had a tag from G.P. & J. Baker Ltd, which I did a bit of research about. It's a British home fabrics company. They're described here as "Well known since 1884 for their 'Baker Birds' in floral and leafy designs on traditional chintzes and linens" The pattern is a bit overwhelming in one piece, but when I cut out bits and framed them with the neutral linen, it looked a lot less stuffy. I tend to have a penchant for stuffy fabrics and then want to modern them up. It's a challenge.

I added a couple pockets under the flap and one on the back. I stitched around the pockets twice and left the edges to fray. The idea was that they will eventually match the strap:

Which is some interfacing sandwiched between the linen fabric (also thrifted) and the linen and then stitched together in rough rows. The idea for this type of strap came from a bag tutorial on this page of the Make Good Books site. (I'm dreaming about Linen Wool Cotton, by the way. Just want to get to see the pictures!) I used the bag yesterday and it's perfect for carrying two or three books and my wallet and coffee thermos. It might become a good dissertation research companion.

Why is this Project #4 you ask? I'm having a fabric storage and project idea overload issue, so I promised myself to complete four projects before buying any new fabric. #1 was a cherry pit bag cover for someone living in a cold place. #2 was a container that's cute, but too floppy. #3 was a pair of Peanut pants from the sleeves of a very warm sweatshirt that I finally admitted I will never wear. He probably won't be big enough for the pants until next year, but they're done and ready now.

Any suggestions for #5?


  1. i'm excited about all your projects, but mostly about my cover!!

  2. you are not the only one addicted to bags...we should start a shop!!!
    project #5 could be a set of "wall pockets" to store all sorts of items: I have one in the utility room for my cleaning tools, one in MFSJ's room for her little toys, one in the bathroom...and a couple more which I had to fold away :-)

  3. Hi, thanks for your kind words and your link to my messenger bag tutorial! Your bag turned out great. I'm in the middle of designing one for my best friend, whose birthday is this week. Ack!
    Totally jealous of your living in NL. I love that country! Been privileged to visit a few times. Eat some stroopwaffels and appelflapen for me.


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