24 April 2010

The Reward


Today we took a walk in the woods. It wasn't far, a kilometer or so, but our peanut walked the whole way on his own - and loved it. He concentrates mostly on his walking right now. Going up and down are especially exciting. It was a beautiful outing for me, though, a moment when one of my visions of parenthood came true on a lovely, warm spring day. Let's take a moment for warm, gooshy, nice feelings here.


Now, for those of you who are wondering if I'm still doing any crafting, the answer is yes. His pants in the picture on top are mama-made, as are his hat, gloves, and pants in the picture below.

The hat is the Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap. It should fit next year as well. It's terribly soft and most cute when it slips sideways and nearly covers one of his eyes. You can see mroe information on my Ravelry page.

The gloves were a 10-minute project that turned out super. Cut out four thumb-less-glove-like shapes out of some thrifted fleece, sewed them together. Cut out a "string" the length of the material, tacked string to gloves and voila - gloves. And he wears them happily! I think it's because they are soft and he can move his hands easily and still grasp things.

The pants are a pattern adapted to fit cloth diapers, so it's got a super roomy and high buttocks area. The tweed was a thrift store find, someone's left over fabric. I like to imagine there's an old man out there running around in matching pants. Tweed on the skin seemed a bit rough, so they're lined with some quilting fabric that my sister sent me a couple years ago. The cuffs started out higher, but he keeps getting taller. With some luck, these will still work in the fall. We'll see.

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