28 July 2010

Live from the Windy City

We've moved to Chicago.

This project has been in the works for quite a while and has kept me far too busy to post regularly for a while now. However, seeing as how I recently encouraged friends and family to start paying attention to this blog, it seems only appropriate to start writing again.

We'll be here for at least one year while my husband works at the University of Chicago. I'll be busy trying to find a way to combine full-time mama-hood (for now) with PhD writing and all the crafting and other things I love to do. It is going to be an interesting year.

Getting here has already been good fun. We sold our house and car in Haarlem, sold or stored all our household goods, and packed suitcases to move. Our first stop was three weeks in North Carolina. We spent most of the time recovering from the shock of our move and not enough time at all seeing friends (sorry!).

Last week we packed up a car and U-Haul trailer to drive to Chicago by way of a visit with wonderful friends in Kentucky. We arrived in a huge thunderstorm and have been busy installing ourselves in our furnished apartment in Hyde Park. Things are starting to quiet down a bit here and we're quite happy with things so far.

Now, if I can find the cable for getting the pictures off our camera - pictures next time!

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