03 August 2010


This picture just makes me smile. Peanut loves to draw and is now enthusiastically making "zeroes" both big and small with help from anyone he can convince to draw with him. I've been much inspired by Amanda Soule and her lovely post. When it came time to buy art supplies as an Easter gift, I decided to go ahead and spend on quality instead of quantity. The results have been outstanding.

Peanut's first color pencils are a set Lyra Ferbies that I picked up in Haarlem. The price tag made me pause a full five minutes in the art supply store before just buying them. However, they have more than proven their value already. Today was the first time any of them required sharpening. Maybe we just don't color much, but the Crayola crayons I also got are half way to trashed, so the credit goes to the pencils!

The Rock Crayons were a gift from a dear friend who seems to not only be able to read my mind but even sends gifts to my parents' place when I visit there! I've been coveting these since first spotting them here. They came out for the first time yesterday and are an instant hit. Even the grandparents are in awe over their utter coolness.

With some luck, there will be daily drawing in our future. My only complaint now is that our roll of paper is packed away with everything else in storage and we're using individual sheets instead. I really liked the roll and being able to cover the entire table surface. It was a good way to silence the perfectionist who keeps reminding my 22 month old son to color on the paper only. Any tips?

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