30 October 2010

My Secret Plan

You may recall a certain slightly pointy hat recently made for Peanut's birthday. What I didn't tell you was that Papa got a matching hat.

To my amazement, I managed to convince him to put it on for a couple pictures. It came out well for a light-weight hat. He's not a fan of warm hats on account of ridiculous metabolism that means he always thinks it's warm when I'm freezing. Chicago winters may change his mind, but only time will tell. Hopefully, he's more likely to wear a light hat and at least stay a bit warm!

The detail on the top is my favorite part. It took three tries to make the ribs meet like this and it turns out it doesn't show particularly well with this yarn. No worries, I feel a bit triumphant anyway. Details on the hat are on my Ravelry site.

So what do you think - annual matchy matchy Papa-Peanut hats for their fall birthdays?

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