01 November 2010


Halloween is not my favorite holiday, but it moved a few steps up the list after last night. We went out with Peanut and four other toddlers (plus their parents) for a wander down Harper Avenue here in Hyde Park. It is possible that half of the southside of Chicago also came by, because the street was packed! People put full effort into decorating and general preparation.

Mama didn't plan a costume this year, but a friend had an extra, so Peanut was Chicken Little. He's carrying a mama-made bag instead of a plastic pumpkin. I love how it matched his outfit. I didn't realize there's a Chicken Little movie until I saw the tag on the costume. Where have I been?

Peanut was a bit overwhelmed with all the people and the sudden realization that he was receiving candy - CANDY! It's his first exposure to the sweet stuff and he's a fan. We managed to keep consumption down to one little box of something gummy. He's also a beginner trick-or-treater, so he only collected four pieces total. They were enough to keep him fairly pre-occupied, though.

Trick-or-treating has changed since I was a kid. At all of the houses, people sat outside and handed out candy to lines of kids in costumes. I didn't hear any choruses of "trick-or-treat" and keeping the line moving efficiently seemed to be a priority. This might help explain why - it's a 2008 article in which a woman talks about distributing over 2,000 pieces of candy and running out before 8pm!


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