18 November 2010

Red and Bold - a hat

Made another Sweet Norwegian Baby Cap, this time for a good friend here in Chicago. It's a tad small on my model, but here you can get a peek at how it came out.

This is a fabulous pattern, and really any yarn or combination looks great. I love this look with striping at the bottom and just the variegated yarn at the top. It shows how effectively the solid color makes the variegated pop as well as taking advantage of the variegated as well. This is my first project with yarn from Knitpicks and it was a pleasure to work with. It doesn't have the exquisite softness of a more expensive (twice the price) yarn, but it's still very nice. I used Stroll Sock Yarn (navy) and Stroll Multi (Riviera) for this one.

I love that Peanut can model for me and take directions, too. Look out the window, look at my foot, etc. Don't be fooled, though, we had a couple dozen goes before managing a good clear shot.

He's getting a sweater next. It's always so exciting to start a new project. Here's what got accomplished yesterday

That's just about half of the body. The rest will take much longer as I actually stop to eat, drink, and breathe while working.

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