07 December 2010

Holiday Hats

Made a couple of Sinterklaas hats for nephews in the Netherlands over Thanksgiving. They were so much fun to make. First of all, they're made with amazing "treat" yarn, Malabrigo Worsted in Charrua and Ibiza colorways. I've read a lot about how lovely this yarn is and it turns out, they're all right. It's wonderful. To my delight, each hat only used a bit over half a skein, so there's enough left for more fun.

The pattern is Elizabeth Zimmerman's Maltese Hat from The Knitter's Almanac. I skipped most of the garter stitch rows and went straight into the short rows for the ear flaps. The short rows are also wrapped. This kind of cunning construction always delights me. The only change I'd make in the future is casting on two extra stitches for the front and then knitting them together in order to close gaps at the front corners.

More pattern details on Ravelry here and here.

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