30 December 2010

Blood and Collard Greens

December has been a busy month for this little family. In addition to the expected holiday fun, we went away for 10 days to Miami and the Dominican Republic to get some sun before the Chicago winter settles in earnest. We also got to enjoy a visit from my parents, who spoiled Peanut and myself with plenty of attention and help around the house, all while making our holiday extra-special.

Yesterday was our first semi-normal day at home and it was an adjustment. It's quiet in Hyde Park and our attempts to get out of the house to the playroom or story hour failed as both were closed. Peanut and I eventually retreated to our favorite cafe for our favorite treats, a latte for mama and a toasted bagel with cream cheese for him. Picture below is the "where's the bagel" shot taken with my iPod, so fuzzy. At home he did some painting (which really must happen more often) and mama got some time for a nap and studying while he napped.

Dinner was another adventure. One of the consequences of being spoiled is that this mama had no plans or ideas for actually cooking a meal for the three of us. Luckily, I keep emergency chinese dumplings in the freezer and also bought a bunch of collard greens in one of our grocery trips over the past week. The great discovery was that collard greens cook up as yummy as kale. I used Chinese sausage instead of bacon this time, which made for a more complex flavor and some sweetness as well, both welcome and pleasing.

While I was cooking, Peanut announced that he had an "ow." He's pretty funny about announcing his injuries and often decides they aren't bad enough to need any kind of parental attention other than acknowledgment. This time, though, he wanted me to look. To my surprise, he was not only in pain, there was blood smeared on his hand and the floor. Poor Peanut cut himself somehow and ended up getting his first band-aid. He was pleased with the band-aid at first but eventually decided it just got in the way. He then discovered that soy sauce and cuts don't go together well at all. Thus ensued a program of eating with fingers and asking us to suck on his thumb to make the soy sting go away.

So we're home an on our own again, ready for the new year and all the adventures it will bring - big or small!

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