17 January 2011

Art Morning: Beans + Glue = Drawing

Based on the success of our cut and paste adventure, I thought it would be interesting to encourage a bit more glue play with a different project. We did alright, but it turns out that beans are more fun to throw on the ground by the handful (after dipping them in glue) than paste on paper. OK, there's no huge surprise there.

The big surprise came later, when he wanted to draw. Peanut has been drawing closed shapes lately. This is usually done with much concentration and tongue stuck out when possible. It also comes with a lot of (promptly denied) requests for me or anyone sitting nearby to do the drawing for him. It was a real treat when he started drawing his own shapes - and drew himself a car. If you tilt your head a bit to the right and imagine there's light, you can see it. I'm mama-wowed.


  1. have you tried potato printing? sliced okra also very pretty! loved that myself as a kiddo.

  2. Okra sounds exotic! I wonder what other kinds of veg work. With the right paint, it could become a painting and eating extravaganza!


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