18 January 2011

Four Hours in Chicago

Here's a picture taken from the window next to the desk on Sunday morning. It is glorious with the sun hitting the church steeple like that. This steeple is one of four we can see from this apartment. That's not counting the Sears Tower (they call it something else now, but they're wrong). We only discovered a couple weeks ago that on clear days we can see it from the dining room bay window. So we officially live in an apartment with a view of downtown. Sounds like fun.

This is the view four hours later. Can you believe it?! It didn't snow much, just a bit of a dusting, but the contrast in one morning was quite spectacular. Or so I've heard. These pictures were on the camera when I downloaded pictures. I got to sleep in and didn't see the change. That's a trade I'm willing to make once a week.


  1. "They're wrong" - you crack me up :) I hear we're supposed to be getting below zero tonight, so hopefully this whole quick-change phenomenon will help us warm up tomorrow. Yikes!

  2. It's the Willis Tower now, right? The only Willis it makes me think of is the Gary Coleman's "what you talkin' 'bout" type.


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