25 January 2011

Guilt and Healing

This morning, a dear friend took Peanut to playgroup with her son. She's done this a fairly regularly for us and we both enjoy it tremendously. I usually try to be a good PhD candidate and spend the time working on research and writing. Today, I didn't. Instead, I went to my favorite cafe and had a hot cocoa and some reading time. Then I went for a wander in the bookstore. Didn't buy anything, of course. I rarely do. But it was healing. The cold doesn't get to me, but sunless days do. This mama has been in need of some rejuvenation lately and my decadent (what - time to do whatever I want? NO!) morning helped a lot. So I feel a bit bad about not making better use of my time. But I also feel better. Things are actually getting done today and that hasn't been the case for a while.

Now, about making the sun shine again....

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