25 January 2011

Ripping for Progress

This weekend, I frogged five skeins worth of knitting on a February Lady Sweater. It was a relief. It was becoming more and more apparent to me that however much I might like the pattern, it wasn't going to be a sweater I actually wore much. Here's a picture of how much work I'd already done.

How did this all come about? On Sunday morning, instead of sleeping in, I found myself out of bed writing about aesthetics and values. More specifically, the challenge of bringing them together. My values lean towards the homemade, the found, the thrifted, and so forth. My aesthetics (at least the pictures I like to look at) are challenged by the crafty look. I prefer something sleeker, more refined and modern without going for all white and chrome. It's taken me a long time to not feel like being pulled in both directions was a problem. Suddenly, it feels like an opportunity. What it will lead to... we'll see!

As for the sweater, I like the idea of the February Lady Sweater very much. The combination of the garter stitch yoke and full lace body are a bit too folksy for me, though. The swing shape is nice, but I tend to wear A-line skirts or wide cut slacks (given that I can fit into them). Experience has shown that swing on top of swing equals one chubby looking me. So, I'm thinking about a redesign. Updates will follow.


  1. I've often considered the February Lady but have had a similar thought/feeling about it. While it may look good with jeans that I wear all winter, I do like a-line skirts an awful lot and know that it wouldn't look good, at all, with those!

    Can't wait to see what you decide on instead!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement. It feels a bit foolhardy to charge ahead and design my own sweater with only a couple under my belt. Should be exciting, though!


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