28 February 2011

Over due

No baby yet. Most of you can stop reading now. The rest of you - I subject to another project post. Seeing as how all I can do right now is count days (we're at 40+2 today), calendars seem just right.

For the past three years, we have been totally addicted to a perfect refrigerator-sized calendar from Granit, a Swedish paper-goods/lifestyle store with outlets in Norway as well. It's a full year on one page and we've gotten quite used to it - although not particularly good at our days of the week in Swedish. Now that we're not visiting Oslo regularly, where my friend lives around the corner from the store, we were forced to find an alternative. Here it is.

This was inspired by the one issue of Martha Stewart Living that I picked up this year, in which they featured the post-it calendar. It was fun to put together using some painter's tape and I like the big format on our kitchen wall. I miss having the whole year to look at, but down on the bottom right, I put three post-its for upcoming months so we have an idea about what's coming up.

It's not an ideal solution. The March calendar should go up today, but will probably take me a week to get around to. But, for a temporary place, it's a good temporary solution. As for next year - we'll have to see about visiting Oslo again or requesting help from our personal shopper!


  1. oh no! we (that's granit and me) have been superseded! and to think i even saw the 2011 calendars on half price three days ago. but this is very cute! go martha, and you. we'll just have to make sure the 2012 one arrives on time at yours!

  2. ehhh...you have noticed...I hope that your are still living in January 2011? ..hihihihi great idea by the way. We have got a Mac photo calendar that shows the daysof the month..very handy indeed...since I am very dis-organized 99% of the time.

  3. Looking forward to my 2012 calendar and maybe a trip to pick it up? Wheeeee....


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