01 March 2011

Sitting Pretty

Here's another little finished project and a funny picture to go with it. The picture shows the men in our family doing what they do best - building with Legos and generally acting silly. Peanut, despite any evidence you might have seen here to the contrary, rarely looks at the camera for a picture. He also rarely sits still. Capturing as something other than a blur is always a bit of a triumph. Building Lego constructions is probably Peanut and Papa activity number one. There have been quite a few Sears Towers (the real name)constructed after dinner. They tend to come complete with several helicopter pads (of course) and parking garages far above street level (double of course). These constructions must remain in place for at least 24 hours in order to permit proper appreciation by the whole family.

As for the project, you may notice a little rabbit in the Lego chair. We call her Nijntje. Her English name is Miffy. I knew nothing about her before living in the Netherlands, but Peanut has prompted quite the education. The books are lovely with bold illustrations and rhyming, rhythmic text. Our doll version is based on this pattern, using appropriately colored yarn we were gifted upon our departure from the Netherlands. She's my first stuffed knit object and I'm sort of satisfied how she came out. I'd probably use smaller needles next time just to get a more solid surface. This one shows all the loose stitches between needles. Otherwise, a success.

1 comment:

  1. Great picture of father and son. Peanut is a proper little boy now, I can't believe how old he looks. Very cute Nintje too. Keep up the good work !


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