03 February 2011

Snow Day!

We've been hearing all week about a blizzard coming to Chicago. Luckily, the weather did not disappoint. This was the view out our window last night:

The Mama response to a snow day is to bake and do crafts, with good results. We got out yellow and blue paint. After laying on a thick layer and then smearing it with his fingers, Peanut tried scraping it with his finger nails. It was cool.

The Papa response to a snow day is, of course, much more fun. There was a lot of snow.

Only about twenty inches fell (officially), making this officially the third worst blizzard in Chicago. We didn't get to walk over any city buses (which legend has it a certain grandfather did back in the day), but the wind helped pile it up. Sometimes usefully for short people.

Sometimes just good for fun.

It's not snowing any more. The next phase is going to be extreme cold (down to -20 or -30F with the wind).


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