01 February 2011

Spring Surprise Sweater

We are actually expecting an addition to our family this month. January was the month of preparations and one of the nicest parts was making a baby's first sweater (Peanut had one, too).

It's a super simple raglan cardigan using this pattern by Carole Barenys. Of course, only now that I'm blogging to I realize she has her own website. Anyway, it's knit up with Knitpicks Andean Treasure, which feels so very soft and nice. It was a bit bulkier than the pattern called for, so despite making a newborn size, it's probably closer to a 3 month size. No problem, then we'll get more than two weeks wear out of it! It's been blocked since this picture and there are also finally some buttons in the house for it, so it will actually be a finished sweater by the time Pumpkin arrives!

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