31 March 2011

And still, we craft!

The crazier life gets, the more peace I find in stolen moments of crafting and writing. Thus this blog and creative projects become more valuable the more I neglect them. Enjoy the crazy logic there.

Despite being an active boy, we've avoided worn out clothes because he's just grown too fast to wear anything long enough. That's changing as of now. A few weeks ago, I noticed that the knee of his jeans were worn out. The mama sighs, puts the pants away, and waits for inspiration. One day last week, it finally happened. We put together a thrifted 100% wool sweater and some silhouettes traced out of Look, a children's picture book by Dwell Studio and came up with this:

I did a blanket stitch around the edges to keep it in place. Embroidery thread would have created a more dramatic effect, but I don't have any on hand, so a doubled strand of sewing thread did just fine. Peanut loves his new turtle. He spent the better part of the day checking it on his leg and showing it off. That's my kid!

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