30 March 2011

The New Guilt

As if motherhood doesn't come with enough guilt - now I get to add the guilt of gleefully emailing our friends about Pumpkin's arrival and then failing to actually post pictures. Sigh. Well, our favorites these days are the "laying on the floor" pictures.

900 days old and 12 days old

"Cutsie expressions" are also popular.

19 days old

We also have the "laying on bed" theme.

22 days old


  1. agreed. no wonder the demands for pictures! ; )

  2. This leads to one of my questions for blog-world - am I the only one who doesn't live in a home/city/country that's perpetually lit by soft, gorgeous light? I should investigate this...

  3. mooi ! Glad things are going well. You're looking like a very happy family indeed. So happy for you.


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