03 March 2011

Slinging good times

With Peanut, baby carrying seemed like a bit of an exotic thing to try. With Pumpkin on the way - it feels more like a necessity, a common sense way to deal with baby needs and adult needs at the same time. I went ahead and made a sling for myself using two different on-line tutorials. Pictures of that will wait until there's an appropriate model, though. I wanted to make one for Peanut as well and lucky for me, Danielle did it first and kindly let me know what size to cut for Peanut. It's a nice, quick project and Peanut enjoys wearing it with "mouse." Yes, he has no idea who Mickey is and is certainly in for a surprise. What I love about him and the sling, though, is that he seems to get it. He puts it on, carries mouse, and just does what he wants to do.

He's also found that the sling itself can be quite useful - for, say, transporting cars. It's going to be fun if we get to go out with our matching slings one day. It's going to be a hoot!


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