02 March 2011


First of all, I love the fly away hair on that head. It's usually standing up or otherwise looking fairly untended, making it perfect for a toddler!

It turns out that we are parenting a puzzle monster. We brought two nine-piece puzzles with us when we moved and I naively thought they would suffice. A couple months ago, though, he sat down at the table for an hour or so and figured them out. They're now out of their bags and assembled in moments. Even trying to prolong the joy by mixing the pieces together doesn't slow him down much. So, we've invested in a couple of more challenging puzzles for him to work on. The first has proven to be a big success.

In my on-line shopping, I've stuck to Ravensburger just because it's a brand I'm familiar with and I like that the images are more graphic than realistic. But it turns out that finding good quality, aesthetically appealing puzzles that aren't based on cartoon characters is a bit of a challenge. Any tips?


  1. uh! Puzzles! Love them! MFSJ is also addicted...although now she's more interested in princess dresses, cowgirl outfits and the like, so her favourite toy is the big wooden box full of colorful clothes. Anyway...we have a couple of HABA puzzles, not cheap, but quite entartaining! Really good quality too. And NOT cartoon oriented!


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