11 May 2011

Sling story

I have wanted a ring sling for a long time. We've gotten plenty of good use out of our wrap and Ergo carrier, but neither of them are particularly good for either quick on and off or putting a sleeping baby down. I've been following Danielle's blog closely and between her sling post and some encouraging emails (thank you!), she got me on track. Here's the finished product:

It's made from a mid-weight linen. After sorting through lots of options, I decided on the "floating ring" option. I like the fact that it gives a padded shoulder without having to use any additional materials. The shoulder seam (this closes the ring pouch) has three lines of stitching. Sewing this seam through six layers of fabric went better than I expected, except for the part where my bobbin ran out of thread in the middle. It would be nice to have a fancier stitch, but this works just fine.

As for using the sling, it's working out well. Pumpkin seems comfortable and it is particularly nice for nursing. The linen will be light weight for the summer, which was also part of the master plan. I will try to add a complimentary pocket eventually for carrying cash and keys. Laying sleeping Pumpkin down hasn't worked out yet, but that will hopefully change as she gets older.

1 comment:

  1. Looks good! We're still rocking the ring sling, but I'm already finding that this little one, a behemoth compared to my last babe, is already making it a touch uncomfortable for long stretches.


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