10 May 2011

House Pants

We spend a lot of time at home and in our family, we wear comfy clothes at home. It's something I learned growing up. In our house, there were school clothes and home clothes. Back then (way back then), it was to keep our school clothes in good shape. Now, it's all about comfort.

Through my pregnancy, I wore a pair of size large yoga style pants. Since Pumpkin was born, they don't fit quite as well. Let me put it another way - they're falling off. Finally, inspiration hit - house pants.

The fabric is from IKEA and the patterns is taken from my favorite pajama pants. They worked up in a couple of hours stretched out over a day or two with a toddler and newborn. I'm a happier mama - if not any more stylish. Now starting to think about how much fun it would be to color in those houses.

The bulge in front of my belly is Pumpkin in a sling. Details tomorrow!


  1. oh...they look GOOD!
    and colouring in those houses, would be so much fun!
    you are so inspirational! can I have the pattern of your favourite pajama pants?

  2. Those pants are begging to be decorated with fabric markers. Begging!!


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