12 July 2011

Pictures of me

I just discovered, to my delight, that one of the witty and talented women I've met this year in Hyde Park has a witty and wry blog - Fancy Toast. If you're not feeling tempted to click on that link - you must. I only looked for a minute but saw (1) googly eyes on the back of one very cute baby's head and (2) recipes for parrot. She also managed not one but two husband compliments. I should do that more often because mine really is great.

But here's the thing. If it weren't for her cute profile picture, I might not have realized she was really the Erielle I was looking for. I know her for something entirely different, namely Peanut's Music Together teacher. Food blogger? Now there's an unexpected surprise. It turns out not everyone puts everything out there all the time.

And this brings me to the thought that inspired this post. Anyone looking for me (the real life one with an actual name, although a terribly common one) would find "Notablogger" and a picture of a crocheted bird. What is that all about? Well, it's about needing to feel a bit protected from the exposure that comes with writing about all kinds of things here. For example, my knitting and sewing obsession is kind of private. In daily life, I don't actually have a circle friends who do hese things quite so obsessively. Our family's schedule doesn't really allow me to participate in much extra-curricular crafting, so joining crafting groups has been dicey, too. There's a great knitting group here in Hyde Park, but they meet on Mondays from 5-8. If I race over there in the car after dinner, I can squeeze in half an hour. Oh, and I have to take Pumpkin. Like a lot of things, this will probably change in time, but right now it's a bit frustrating.

So in a lot of ways, this is a very public but very private space where I get to explore who I want to be or wish I could be. My real life face is here, somewhere, I'm sure - but elusive. Like I'd like to think I am!


  1. I had the funnest time figuring out who YOU were. That was exciting! I was pretending to be a detective. I thought it might be you but I wasn't sure until I saw your Peanut's picture. Hooray!

  2. Oh Hyde Park makes the world so small.

    I met you in 57th Street Books and we talked of knitting, children, Germany and the Netherlands etc.

    I read the Harvard MBA book and thoroughly enjoyed it. I especially like his point toward the end of the book that there can only be one "center" of life = no balancing.

  3. @Julia - I absolutely remember meeting you! Glad you enjoyed the book. How is Germany treating you?


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