31 January 2012

Collaborative Pillow Project (CoPiP)

I love acronyms. They make my life a little more entertaining.

Pillow back

The CoPiP came about because I know myself too well to try to achieve random. Random is too difficult. At some point, a scheme or plan must be hatched in order to prevent any potential over-randomness, thus negating all randomness thus achieved. In other words, me no good at just closing my eyes and picking. We were given a lovely rocking chair just prior to leaving Chicago (the day before the movers arrived). For some reason, the caning in the seat has started to give. Instead of having it redone just yet, I decide to make a pillow. I've had the idea in mind for a while - a linen pillow with many colored lines using embroidery thread. So I marked lines an inch apart, Peanut picked the colors, and I stitched. It was fun. He was excited about each color. He also analyzed his choices, noticing that one shade of green disappeared into the linen background. These observations informed the next choice.

House pillow

I was ready to put the pillow together when I decided to add a bit of color to the other side, too. I cut a few rectangles of coordinating fabrics and asked Peanut to arrange them. He told me he needed more to make a house. I cut, he arranged, and voila! I love this pillow and love the fact that we made it together. The back became the front and it's a nice reminder to include Peanut in my sewing projects. And it leads me to more profound thoughts - about inspiration and ideas and imagination. We'll be trying more projects in this vein. Have you? What did you make?


  1. Oh...how lovely!!!
    In the past we made sock monkeys and a goodbye pillow. More recently a mini handbag. You are right, though: kids are SO inspirational!

  2. Oh man! I must do this (or at least something like it). It would have never occurred to me to invite the little one to help in that way. Thanks for the idea!


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