20 November 2012

tap, tap, tap - is this on?

Waiting Piet
Big Leaf

What do you say when it's been a year - really a year since this space received any regular attention? We'll go with picking up right where we left off.

It's a whopper of a week, this one. A very special house guest departed early this morning (I'd have been asleep if it weren't for the 4AM bloody nose debacle). The rest of the week will be filled up with racing to finish Advent curtains for Peanut's classroom and preparing for our eighth Thanksgiving in the Netherlands. We do a fairly fabulous potluck dinner and this year there will be twenty-seven of us. Yes - fabulous.

Peanut goes to school no and likes it. He came home from his first day and reported that he played in the mud at recess. Some kids have all the luck. Pumpkin walks and is probably seriously considering talking, but why when everyone understands the grunts, nods, and gesturing so well?

I work on keeping up with this crazy circus that is life and try to keep sewing, knitting, and reading whenever I can. Lately, there's also been a lot of dreaming, thinking, scheming. It's starting to get interesting.

What have you been up to this week?

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