23 November 2012

Urgent Bag

Emergency Bag

This week, I learned that Peanut hasn't been using the bathroom at school and that he strongly prefers to have his own clothes to put on after an accident. The bathroom bit I understand because it's a bit scary. Of course - it's stalls on his own and I neglected to ever take him for a look around. Today he came home from school and told me he had used the toilet, though, so I think that's taken care of itself.

The clothes bit presents different dilemmas. I try to keep his wardrobe a bit limited. My basic list is five bottoms, five tops, a couple overs (sweaters/hoodies), and two party shirts (dress shirts). Lately, though, we've been stretching between laundry days. Every once in a while, the last shirt or pants actually come out of the drawer once in a while, effectively announcing that it's laundry day again. Taking a shirt or pair of pants out of circulation can have a noticeable impact on our laundry/clean clothes balance. And the fact that I'm worried about this at all is fairly worrying in itself, but that may be entirely another topic.

The mama stand-by solution for an uncomfortable situation (like having to leave a set of clothes at school for a few weeks until we're sure there won't be any accident) is to pretty it up and sew. In this case we made a simple drawstring bag. Peanut picked the retro orange floral fabric, I picked the blue to contrast. The floral was from a second hand pillow case I found at a thrift store a couple years ago. The blue came from Ikea. I used a light twill tape for the straps, so we'll see how that holds up. The apple is hiding a little cheesecloth patch with his name stamped on it using a name stamp I made for him last Christmas. We'll see how that holds up, too. The bag's at school now, hopefully not to be used ever.

Out of curiosity - how do you figure out how many clothes the kids need?


  1. just checked in for the first time in a while - haven't heard from your sister either so Im doing a T family check in - HELLO from the Ks in CO! We do 8 pairs per child (a weeks worth plus a spare for accidents.) I do laundry on sun/mon (4 kids now = two laundry days) and that keeps us balanced - but with school we have uniforms - so I get 6 sets for my son and my girl has 4 pants 4 skirts 6/7 shirts and 3 tights we can mix n match it all and each two school only sweaters (logos are on these) And then 5 street clothes outfits for weekend or break ect. But for school spares I would just leave something hes about to grow out of and needs replacement anyways if it tosses off your balance. Or pants with a hole , something your dont like ect - after all they are emergency only clothes. A few extra sets helps if you get sick n cant do laundry on laundry day.

    1. Hello to you, too! I'm reeling at the thought of two laundry days, and so impressed by the way you keep up and have a sense of humor about it. We ended up putting summer weight pants in the urgent bag. So it turns out that he's been getting by on five pairs of pants - one of which aren't warm enough for the weather we're getting! On the upside, I live with Mr. Laundry. He believes in the load-a-day method. Usually, if I start a load in the morning or afternoon, he's the one to finish it up in the evening. We'll add that to the Thanksgiving thankfulness list!


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