08 January 2013

Made in 2012

House pillow
Peanut school apron in progress
Pencil Roll detail
I have a thing for lists - lots of lists for reason and no reason, all the time. My favorite lists are the ones that are the dream lists. Books to read, places to go, things to do, things to make. In 2012, I had a "Make 2012" list. It was a long list and it kept growing. Let me count - 51 items. All sewing or knitting projects. Many for kids, some for me, some for others. It doesn't cover everything I actually made, but here are the items I got to cross off this year:
That's a tidy list. With a few ravelry links and links to older posts for the very curious. I'll be working on the Make 2013 list soon.
What did you make in 2012? What are your dreams for 2013?

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