06 June 2007

Plastic Bag Free Town

Back when I was visiting home on the wedding planning trip, one priority was loading up on my NPR (National Public Radio). As I've said before, podcasts of This American Life are great and help me feel in touch. It doesn't matter how you slice it, though, they're not the same as sitting in the car listening to the familiar voices of WUNC and good talk radio. Shouldn't neglect Car Talk, which I just discovered (no really, a moment ago) that I can get on podcast. Life is just getting better and better, I tell you!

But the wonderful news I heard while I was at home was that there's a town in the UK called Modbury that has gone plastic bag free! It's superb. I put a serious effort into not using extra plastic bags if I can avoid it and it's a challenge. Sadly enough it is especially true in places where you do your shopping at a variety of smaller shops. Instead of getting one bag for a number of items, customers are offered a bag with each individual item they buy. Often I have to ask sales people to take items out of bags. They can bag much faster than I can fish through my coins.

A plastic bag free town is a move in the right direction. It's the kind of broad based community effort that we are going to need to fight global warming or otherwise change the world. That's what it's all about, really, changing the world a little bit at time.

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