02 September 2009

Peanut Pants on Parade

Three pair of pants and three stories. These were Peanut's summer pants and he got great wear out of them. I was inspired this post over at SouleMama to make some light summer pants and they came out great. I used a pattern from Knippie, a Dutch sewing magazine. I love the detail in this pattern, especially the panel on the back, which gives the pants a tailored look.

The linen pair is my favorite and a real crowd pleaser (although that was probably the model more than the pants). I'm pretty hooked on this sturdy linen from IKEA, which has also featured here and here. They washed nice and soft. The patches are quilting material from my stash. I learned a lesson about the different qualities of cotton out there. The green is quite thin and the yellow nice and thick. Will be more careful when I buy material next time.

The blue aloha pants are from material that my sister sent me when she was living in Hawaii. We went to her wedding this summer and it seemed only appropriate that Peanut wear something that celebrated the place where she and her husband met and fell in love.

The bottom pair were specially made wedding pants using material recovered from a pair of thrift store pants. I was trying to go for a cute, classic look without getting into wool. These had a bit of stretch that made them easier to get over that cloth diaper bum, too.

All in all, the "make pants for peanut" summer project was a huge success. These were favored over all others in his wardrobe. I'm sad that the pattern isn't any bigger and that I'm not ready for pattern size changing on my own yet (but maybe someday soon). We're retiring them now, which means it's time to think about winter pants!

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