09 May 2011

Gift Making

Lest you think we haven't been craft, creating, and generally coming very close to making a huge mess, fear not! Days have really lost their shape lately, and making something is becoming an important way to mark that they pass. Without it, we get to Friday and I'm not sure where the time went or why I feel so tired.

This project was a set of bags for pentominoes for the cousins in the Netherlands. We picked them up at the Robie House, a Frank Lloyd Wright house on our block. They are a set of 12 shapes based on five squares. They offer infinite opportunities for making shapes and, if you're Peanut, parking garages.

I cut fabric for the bags and used masking tape to mark off squares. I colored in one square and added appropriate initials to each. Then, we let him loose with the fabric markers. It was a hoot. Taking out and putting away the markers proved to be at least as interesting as the coloring and the results were entertaining.

We sewed up the bags together, which was another adventure. A terribly skilled artist I know did freehand machine quilting with Peanut in her lap, which gave me courage. He put his hands on top of mine and we were off, sewing the bags together. Great fun had by all.

I'll try to post more projects this week!

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